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"Style Stones" Cultured Stone Embellishments Bulk Packs from Clearsnap® -- $13.50 Each
Save money on your favorite Style Stones designs by buying in bulk! Great for bracelets and necklaces as well as demos, classes, and group projects. Each pack contains 24 stones.
Each piece 1/4" thick, pre-drilled, and ready to ink. Fluid Chalk inks, among others, bond very well with air-dry or heat application.
Scroll down for basic techniques to use with Style Stones, or click here for illustrated instructions.
Style Stones are in limited supply. If you would like to buy more than 1 or 2 of a design, please email us to see if it is in stock.
Sold Out!

24 -variable sizes up to 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"
Sold out!
Circle C
24 -1" in diameter
Sold out!
Circle A
24 -1/2" in diameter
Sold out!

Circle B
24 -3/4" in diameter
Sold out!
Circle D
24 -1 1/4" in diameter
Sold out!

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Suggested Basic Techniques for Style Stones:
Natural Finish Sets (Engraved): Ink recessed surfaces first, wipe dry, then ink top surface with contrasting color. Ink edges and back with darker accent colors. Heat set pigment inks, let cool completely between coats. (Crafter's ink or VersaCraft/Fabrico ink may be used to seal natural surface with a base coat as desired).
Coated Finish Sets: Apply base coat or wipe ink to stain as desired. Heat set pigment inks, let cool. Stamp precise images or layer stamped colors for abstract look. Various resist techniques (like using VersaMark) may be used with coated Style Stones. (Lighter Crafter's, VersaCraft/Fabrico, or Fluid Chalk colors stamped over a dark base can provide the same effect).
Optional Technique: Scratch inked surface with a sharp implement, seal with clear acrylic.

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