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Ancient Metal Chops
Use these metal peg stamps for stamping with ink, embellishing, or debossing into soft metal, leather, wax, clay, etc. with a mallet. Each set contains 12 different kanji characters, for a total of 24. Each metal stamp is 2" long by 7/16" square -- $27.95
To stamp: Face English translation towards you. Place a soft object (such as a book) under surface for the best impression.
To deboss: Place inked stamp over metal or leather. Tap top of stamp firmly with mallet.

MCS-01 Ancient Metal Chops Collector's Pack 1
Characters included: Beauty, Devotion, Dream, Growth, Happiness, Honesty, Longevity, Love, Sincerity, Tranquility, Understanding, Wish
Sold Out!

MCS-02 Ancient Metal Chops Collector's Pack 2
Characters included: Courage, Destiny, Energy, Eternity, Friends, Good Fortune, Passion, Peace, Think, Travel, Truth, Wisdom
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