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Colors shown are approximations.

Die Cut Sets
Ready to use, these are die-cut out of a variety of acid-free colors, weights, and a few patterns. Most come in an assortment of colors unless noted; let us pick!

DC-1 Animals
2 each of small rabbit, sheep, cat, dog, teddy bear, turtle, frog (14 diecuts)
DC-2 Football/Photo
5 each of helmet, football, large camera (15 diecuts)

DC-3 Hands/Feet
4 matched pairs each of hands and feet, earth colors (16 diecuts)
DC-4 Large ILY Hand
6 large "I-Love-You" hands

DC-5 Garden
3 each of butterfly, small watering can, vase, leaf, apple (15 diecuts)
DC-6 Gingerbread Men
6 large diecuts, browns/tans

DC-7 Halloween
5 each of white large & small ghosts, black bats (15 diecuts)
DC-8 Tags
5 medium tags, 4 large tags (9 diecuts)

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