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Stylus Molding Mats
Ideal for molding Stylus Tips, MagicStamp and polymer clay! Stylus Molding Mats are molded rubber sheets that can be used to make impressions in Clearsnap's black moldable foam tips. You can also press on sheets of polymer clay or run with clay through a pasta machine! Molded Stylus patterns compliment rubber stamps with a very different look and feel. The impressions you make will be abstract, reversed and varied. Just heat tip with a light bulb, press tip on mat, ink and stamp! Reheat tip to mold new patterns again and again. Complete instructions and techniques included.
2" x 6.75" -- $4.50 each

MMT-01 Crackle
MMT-02 Lava Lamp
MMT-03 Fruit Blossoms
MMT-04 Celtic Border
MMT-05 Design Cats
MMT-06 Tablecloth
MMT-07 Ditzy
MMT-08 Brickyard
Molding Mat Deco Nautilus
MMT-09 Gameboard
New! MMT-10 Deco Nautilus
Molding Mat Deco Nautilus
New! MMT-11 Totem Blanket
New! MMT-12 Tickle Tickle
Molding Mat Deco Nautilus
New! MMT-13 Starry Swirls
New! MMT-14 Circulate

MagicStamp Sheet Stock
Moldable foam creates instant stamps from any textured surface! Just heat foam and press on textured surface, then ink and stamp.Can be used over and over. Click here for illustrated instructions. 3 - 8" x 10" sheets -- $6.95 set
MagicStamp Sheet Stock

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